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Performers who are listed with De Cloud Productions are young, aspiring passionate individuals and groups who are keen to grow and develop themselves in their art form. Performers can be requested for your events or any occasion through our email. Scroll over the photos to find out more about each performer!

If you are a local singer/group who would like to be listed with De Cloud for opportunities to perform and showcase your art, feel free to contact us in our link above. 


What started out as a group of friends with a common interest for A Capella singing, turned into The Crossroads. With a multilingual repertoire ranging from Mando, English, Canto and Korean, their name aptly represents their versatile music arrangements and vibrant personalities of the members. The Crossroads captured the hearts of many when they produced their first showcase last year. They went on to perform alongside other local artistes at The Stage@Jericho, organised by YMCA.


New Recording 47 is a contemporary a cappella group made out of 5 singing mouths. Up until May 2018, they were a bunch of strangers with unique vocal styles. Now, they are NR47, performing an eclectic range of songs in a colourful spectrum of languages and genres. 


C Majors is a 7-part A Cappella band made up of friends who hail from all walks of life. They are a fun and outgoing band that sings modern pop with oldies sprinkled in. While all of their members have performed individually, C Majors was officially formed in 2016 when they were asked to perform at Changi General Hospital for Christmas. Since then, they’ve been taking to the stage together, performing at events such as the East Asia YMCA Urban Network 2017, and IGNITE!Capella, with venues from Our Tampines Hub to The Esplanade.


Shaun is a local aspiring musician who discovered his love for music, mainly the piano/keys and vocals, at just the age of 12. He is on his journey towards becoming a R&B/Soul singer. He is also 1/7th part of a local A Cappella band called the C Majors that was formed in 2016. Slowly making his way into the local music scene, he believes that his purpose as a musician is to inspire and share his life experiences through music.


Amanda is an aspiring musician who just graduated from RMIT Music Industry. She is influenced by artists such as Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, Us The Duo, Zee Avi and Tori Kelly. She started singing in her primary school choir, joined the percussion section in her secondary school symphonic band, and has sang in multiple A Cappella groups in polytechnic and university. She enjoys making music and performing for gigs and events.


Gautham (known by G.V.K.) aspires to make change to people around him and spread positivity through his actions as well as music. He is known for his bubbly & cheerful personality. Taking inspiration from artistes like Whitney Houston, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga & Sara Bareilles, Gautham always attempts his best to captivate his audience with his voice. 


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